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Deliverwho? (Exclam. Brit, informal).
A term cried out with euphoric pride upon serving a meal made at home rather than picking it up from a stranger on a bicycle

Just one look at this collection of fast, affordable, student-friendly recipes, and you’ll understand why we chose this term as the name of our digital cookbook.

Inside are meals high in flavour, low on expensive ingredients and sympathetic to the trials of cramped, shared kitchens; it doesn’t matter deliverwhere you are, we’ve got you covered!

You will have us cooking alongside you with every dish, and an exhaustive recipe list to work off of, so you’ll never have to worry about going wrong.

Meals made at home are always worth bragging about, so let us know on instagram @mrkitskitchen, @bonniedoesfood and @feastyrecipes how you got on!

In the meantime, ditch the takeaways, don an apron and ask yourself Deliverwho?

All the best, 

Bonnie and Kit.
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27 recipes
27 Recipes
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