Avocado Taco Salad & Garlic Parm Elote
“Delicious and healthy”
— Cooking With Candyland


Serves 4


Step 1

In a bowl add salad greens, sweetcorn, grated cheese and avocado ranch dressing

Step 2

Toss the salad and leave in the fridge to cool

Step 3

Cook the beef taco filling. Add sweetcorn and beans if you wish

Step 4

Cut the hairy ends off the corn on the cob. Place in the oven for 30 minutes at 350F. Once roasted peel the husks off

Step 5

To assemble the bowl, place salad at the bottom followed by the beef

Step 6

Coat the cobs with mayonnaise and season with the truffle and black garlic seasoning and chilli and lime seasoning. Add as much as you like. Squeeze some lime juice over the bowls and serve with guacamole
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