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Beef Wellington
A challenge
Total time
125 min
$ $ $


Impress your friends and family with this classic showstopper


Serves 1


Step 1
Make the duxelle first, by finely chopping the mushrooms and frying till the juices release and evaporate, then set aside to cool
Step 2
Season the beef thoroughly on all sides, then sear till browned in a very hot pan, then leave to cool
Step 3
Start assembly by rolling our a layer of clingfilm, evenly layering out the parma ham, and then spreading the duxelle over the top.
Step 4
Spread a layer of mustard all over the beef, then place on top of the mushrooms, and roll the whole thing up. Wrap tightly in the clingfilm, then refrigerate.
Step 5
Unroll one layer of pastry, place the unwrapped beef on top, and brush around it with the beaten egg. Place the next layer of pastry on top, press down around the meat, trim of the excess and press down around it with a fork.
Step 6
Brush the entire surface of the wellington with egg, sprinkle with salt, and then cook in the oven at 10 for between 30-35 minutes. Leave to cool slightly, then cut open and enjoy!
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