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Bhan Mi
Total time
30 min
$ $ $


This spicy Vietnamese sandwich is brilliantly fresh and delicious, with a slight creaminess from the mayonnaise


Serves 2


Step 1
Thinly slice the carrots and daikon radish. Place in a bowl and cover with salt, vinegar, 500ml water and 100g sugar. Mix until the sugar and salt have dissolved, then leave in the fridge for 1 hour
Step 2
Place the fish sauce, oyster sauce, chilli, 1tbsp sugar, shallots, garlic, lemongrass, coriander and lime juice in a food processor and blend whilst slowly adding olive oil until you have a smooth paste. Add the chicken to a bowl with the marinade, mix well and leave in the fridge for 3-4 hours or overnight
Step 3
In a small bowl, mix mayonnaise and sriracha
Step 4
Get a pan on a high heat, add the chicken and sear well on both sides. Cook for 8-10 minutes or until cooked through
Step 5
Slice open the baguette, spread over the sriracha mayo, add the carrot and daikon, top with the chicken and garnish with cucumber, jalapeños, sriracha and extra coriander to taste. Serve and enjoy
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