Breakfast Burrito - Savoury Breakfast
“As an Italian I’ve always seen breakfast as a small sweet meal, and as I grew up, I started loving savoury breakfasts more and more. With this video I’m starting a journey to discover savoury breakfasts, starting with the breakfast burrito!”
— Mattia’s Table


Serves 4


Step 1

Start by making the guacamole: chop the garlic, onion, tomato and coriander finely, and mash together the with the avocado. Add lime juice, salt and pepper

Step 2

Cook the eggs with the butter as you normally would (scrambled). Remove from the pan and add the sausage with some olive oil (make sure to get the meat out of the casing)

Step 3

Assemble and roll the burrito. Seal the burrito by placing in the same pan folded side down. Buon appetito
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