Brioche and Butter Pudding
“A classic pudding that's good for the soul”
— The Barking Baking Company


Serves 6


Step 1

Melt a heaped tablespoon of butter and pour it into your baking dish

Step 2

Melt some more butter in a saucepan large enough to put a slice of brioche in. Do this over a low heat. When it has melted, add a slice of brioche and let it soak on one side

Step 3

Place the brioche in the baking dish, butter-side down. Repeat until the base of the dish is covered with brioche

Step 4

Now add in the sultanas, the chocolate (if using) and half the sugar. Cover with more brioche dipped in butter, but this time lay the brioche in butter-side up

Step 5

Measure out your milk in a jug. Add in the eggs and whisk with a fork. Pour over the pudding. Add a sprinkling more sugar and a few sultanas

Step 6

Let it sit for an hour (or until you’re ready to eat). Cook for 30 mins at 200ºC, serve and enjoy
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