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Chicken Fajitas
Total time
35 min
$ $ $


What's better than fajita Friday? Fajitas anyday of the week!


Serves 4


Step 1
Finely slice your red onion, bell pepper, chilli, and garlic. Place the onion, peppers and chilli into a casserole dish and place the garlic into a small bowl
Step 2
Into the bowl with the garlic, add the lime juice, tobasco sauce, paprika, coriander, and cumin and stir to combine
Step 3
Slice your chicken breasts into strips. Get your casserole dish from earlier with the vegetables, sprinkle a little salt onto your veg and add your chicken on top. Pour over the bowl of sauce you have made, then toss all the chicken and veg together to ensure it all becomes coated in the sauce
Step 4
Drizzle the dish with the olive oil and mix again to coat all ingredients.
Step 5
Cook the chicken and veg in a pan over a medium-high heat until your chicken is cooked through. You can then serve with wraps, adding a little grated cheese if you desire
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