Chicken Jalfrezi Dirty Loaded Fries
“You won't find fries more flavoursome than these, and with the rotisserie chicken, easy as anything!”
— Nigel Thompson


Serves 2


Step 1

Heat the oven to 200°C and place in your fries on a tray to get them cooking

Step 2

Slice up your pepper finely, and your onion into small wedges; toss with the kasuri methi, then add the salt

Step 3

Get a pan smoking hot, then drizzle in some oil; char the peppers and onions, then set aside back in the bowl

Step 4

Add some more oil to the pan, then fry off the garlic and ginger paste for a minute or so, then add the spices, cook for 30 seconds, followed by the passata and then 100ml of boiling water

Step 5

Add the chicken to the pan and stir through, followed by the onion and peppers.

Step 6

Make up the mint sauce by mixing together the greek yoghurt, mint sauce, lemon juice and sugar

Step 7

Make up the cheese sauce by melting the butter with the flour, then gradually adding the milk till smooth, followed by the cheeses

Step 8

By now the fries should be done; plate up in order, chips, cheese sauce, jalfrezi, chips, cheese, topped with the mint sauce and a little more chopped coriander

Step 9

Sprinkle in a handful of coriander, then let it reduce for 5 minutes or so until thick. Meanwhile, shred the chicken
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