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Chorizo and Prawn Linguine
Total time
45 min
$ $ $


Serves 2


Step 1
Start by pouring olive oil into the pan. Dice up shallots and add them into the pan. Dice or mince garlic and chilli and add this in as well. Fry and mix well. Begin to boil your pasta.
Step 2
Pour in all of your sauces and stir with the onions, garlic and chilli.
Step 3
Add in your cumin, mixed herbs, coriander, paprika and fish stock powder. Stir and combine well and bring your sauce to a gentle simmer on a low heat.
Step 4
Add in fresh uncooked prawns and chorizo. Stir and combine well with the sauce.
Step 5
Add in your cooked pasta along with a couple of ladles of pasta water. Stir everything well. Serve and enjoy
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