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Courgette Fritters
Total time
25 min
$ $ $
5.0 (2)


When we say the best lunch you'll ever have, we're not joking! Delicious, salty fritters with fresh tzatziki, you're not gonna wanna miss this one

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Serves 2


Step 1
Grate the courgette
Step 2
Put the grated courgette in a clean tea towel and squeeze out any excess liquid
Step 3
Chop the spring onion, jalapeños and basil and add to a bowl with the courgette
Step 4
Mix the cornflour, flour and plant milk together in a separate bowl
Step 5
Crumble the feta into the bowl with the flour mix, add the vegetables and mix with your hands
Step 6
Heat oil in a pan and spoon in the fritter mixture. Fry for 3 minutes each side and let them crisp up
Step 7
Chop the cucumber and parsley and mix with Greek yoghurt, lemon juice, salt and pepper to make tzatziki and you’re ready to serve with the fritters!
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