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Creamy Cajun Salmon Pasta
Total time
25 min
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A great pasta and salmon dinner recipe, so quick and easy to make, it has to be a week night regular!


Serves 3


Step 1
Start by dicing your onion and garlic. Place into a pan over low-medium heat to fry until beginning to soften
Step 2
Next, created a marinade of oil, herbs paprika salt pepper and place into the air fryer for 12 minutes at 200C
Step 3
For the sauce, add the cream to your fried onions and garlic. At the same time add in Cajun seasoning and tomato puree and stir to combine
Step 4
Once combined, add in salt, pepper, cream cheese and tomato and leave to simmer. Place in your pasta to a pot of boiling and salted water and cook according to packet instructions
Step 5
Just before the pasta is done, take half a ladle of pasta water and stir into the sauce to loosen it. Add in your spinach and cook until slightly wilted then finally place in your pasta and fold in until well combined. Top with the salmon and enjoy
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