Crispy Cajun Beef Crunch Wrap
โ€œYou have to try this crunchy & meaty wrap. At 486 calories and packed with 31g protein, its perfect for a quick and simple lunch!โ€
โ€” Tasty Healthy Recipes


Serves 2


Step 1

Start by spraying some cooking spray into a medium hot frying pan and then adding your lean beef mince

Step 2

Then add the diced brown onion to the pan with the mince before sprinkling over the salt, pepper, garlic granules, Italian mixed herbs, smoked paprika and Cajun seasoning

Step 3

Then stir and fry for around 5 mins to cook through

Step 4

Once thatโ€™s cooked, grab 2 of the wraps and for each one spoon over half the beef mixture over the middle of the wrap and shape into a small circle before sprinkling over 15g of the grated mozzarella

Step 5

Then lay down 6 Doritos in a pizza slice shape before spooning 30ml of sour cream and 50g of salsa on top, giving them a bit of a mix together

Step 6

Then top with the remaining 15g of grated mozzarella and the small wrap you made earlier before folding in all of the edges around the side

Step 7

Finally, carefully place the wrap folded side down back in the same pan for a few mins each side before serving. Repeat the above steps for the other wrap and enjoy!
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