Crispy Chicken Tenders
โ€œA healthier spin on chicken tenders using a pop chip breading, only 75 cals per tender!โ€
โ€” Tasty Healthy Recipes


Serves 3


Step 1

Start by grabbing 350g of raw chicken tenders (approx 10 tenders) and removing the tendons. You can use a piece of kitchen roll to grab the end and pull it out easily with a fork like this

Step 2

Then sprinkle over all of the seasoning and mix that in until combined and then set aside for later

Step 3

Then grab the barbecue flavoured pop chips and crush up 80g of them into a fine crumb and then spread out onto a plate. Then in a separate bowl, crack in some egg whites

Step 4

Now using one hand, dip the chicken tenders into the egg white and then place into the crushed pop chips. With the other dry hand, fully coat and press into the chicken before placing onto a separate plate and then repeat that for all of them

Step 5

Then lay down all of the chicken tenders into your air-fryer (or oven if you donโ€™t have one) and cook for 12 mins at 190ยฐ C, flipping them over half way through
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