Crispy Chilli Beef
β€œThis simple chilli beef is a great fakeaway dinner that's both delicious and easier on the wallet than a takeaway”
β€” Jon Watts


Serves 2


Step 1

Cut the steak into strips, then mix with cornflour and Chinese 5 spice

Step 2

Get a pan on a medium heat and shallow fry the beef until browned and really crispy, then set aside on a piece of kitchen roll to drain the excess oil

Step 3

Slice the pepper into strips and chop the spring onions and chilli. Stir fry with garlic paste, ginger paste and beansprouts for a few minutes

Step 4

Add soy sauce, ketchup, sweet chilli sauce and rice wine vinegar. Bring to the boil until it’s sticky, then readd the beef and stir well to coat. Serve with noodles or rice and a sprinkle of fresh chilli and spring onion. Serve and enjoy!
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