Crunchy Nut Cornflake Hot Honey Chicken Tenders
“Juicy Chicken Tenders, With a Crunchy Nut Cornflake Crumb Smothered in a Hot Honey Sauce”
— Nigel Thompson


Serves 4


Step 1

Pre heat the oven to 190 degrees. Butterfly the chicken breasts and cut into strips and place in a bowl.

Step 2

Add in the rice wine vinegar, 1 tsp paprika, garlic granules, chilli powder, salt and pepper. Mix the ingredients well into the chicken the cover and rest in the refrigerator

Step 3

Add the Cornflakes into a blender and blend into crumbs and add to a bowl. Add 1 tsp Paprika and mix well with the Cornflake crumb

Step 4

Add the eggs to another bow and mix. Add cornflour into another bowl. Prepare a baking sheet lined with grease proof paper and spray on a little oil before adding the tenders

Step 5

Remove chicken from the refrigerator. Remove a strip of the chicken and dip into the egg mixture, then coat in the cornflour, then coat in the egg again and finally into the Cornflake crumb. Make sure to squeeze the Cornflake into the chicken Lay out on the baking tray and repeat with all the tenders. Place the tenders into the oven (190C) and cook for 20 minutes turning after 10 minutes

Step 6

Add the buffalo sauce and honey to a sauce pan and gently heat while stirring. Add the butter and stir until the butter has melted and combined well with buffalo sauce then turn off the heat

Step 7

Remove the chicken tenders from the oven and add to a bowl and coat in the hot sauce. Toss the tenders in the sauce until coated. Serve and enjoy
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