Grilled Mackerel, Watercress, Tomato, New Potato & Fine Bean Salad
“Wholesome salad with seasonal vegetables and fresh seafood”
— Martin


Serves 1


Step 1

Start by oiling both sides of your mackerel fillet, then set it aside. Boil your new potatoes for five minutes

Step 2

Then, chop your tomatoes and your cooked potatoes into halves. Slice your garlic and chilli finely, then, trim your green beans.

Step 3

In a pan, add some oil. Then, sweat down the garlic and chilli on a low heat

Step 4

Now, add the tomatoes and after a couple of minutes add the potatoes. Followed by green beans. Season however you'd like

Step 5

Place the mackerel fillet under the grill for three minutes

Step 6

Now add the ground almonds and watercress to the pan. Take off the heat immediately and mix well

Step 7

Now, spoon the warm salad into your serving bowl and place the grilled fillet on top. Serve and enjoy!
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