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Groundnut Stew
Total time
75 min
$ $ $


This delicious, nutty, spicy stew is perfect served over rice


Serves 3


Step 1
Slice the chicken and mix in a bowl with garlic, 1tbsp smoked paprika, 1tbsp all-purpose seasoning, a crumbled Maggi cube, black pepper and liquid Maggi, then refrigerate overnight
Step 2
Heat oil in a pan, then add the seasoned chicken to brown
Step 3
Roughly chop one onion and add to a blender with peeled garlic cloves, scotch bonnet, tinned tomatoes and black pepper. Add a little water to the tomato tin and add to the blender, then blend until smooth
Step 4
Chop the second onion and add to the chicken, then add the tomato sauce and mix well
Step 5
Add smoked paprika, salt, pepper and 1tsp all-purpose seasoning, then mix well and bring to a simmer with a little water, cover and leave to cook for 45 minutes
Step 6
Stir in the peanut butter, then cook for a further 5 minutes, serve and enjoy!
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