Healthy Burger
“I love burgers so had to make a healthy version!”
— Jalal Sameja


Serves 1


Step 1

Roll the mince into balls and sprinkle salt and pepper on a plate. Season the mince by rolling the balls of mince in the salt and pepper

Step 2

Melt butter in a very hot pan and place the beef in once the butter is melted. Smash them down into burger patty shapes with a spatula and put your onion slices in the pan to cook

Step 3

Cook for 2 minutes and then flip the patties and the onion

Step 4

Put the slice of cheese on top of one patty and stack the other on top

Step 5

Toast your brioche bun on the grill

Step 6

Mix the mustard, siracha and mayo together

Step 7

Spread the sauce on the brioche bun and place the lettuce, burger, tomato, onion and pickled gherkin on top and enjoy!
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