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Lamb Stew
Total time
80 min
$ $ $


Serves 3


Step 1
Start by finely slicing two onions, pour a decent amount of olive oil into a deep pot and sauté the onions on medium-low until soft. Add in a shake of dried rosemary and thyme, the chilli flakes and 1 tsp BBQ spice. Mix and combine with the onions. Crush in your garlic and add in bay leaves
Step 2
Now, add in your chunks of lamb. Allow to brown and mix well with the spices and onion mixture
Step 3
Once the meat is browned, season with salt and pepper and then prepare 800ml beef stock using two beef stock cubes. Mix well and pour into the deep pot to almost cover the lamb. Spoon in tomato sauce and worcesteshire sauce too. Let simmer for thirty minutes
Step 4
Roughly slice your carrots and potatoes and throw them in too. Reduce the heat to low, cover and leave for an hour
Step 5
Serve up!
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