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Leek Potato Quiche
Total time
20 min
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Leek potato and vegan sausage quiche. A very easy yet very satisfying recipe. For the quiche base check the video next to this on my page!


Serves 4


Step 1
Cut the leek in half length-wise and in half a cm half circles. In a pan with 1tbsp of butter on medium heat drop the leek, a heavy pinch of salt and cook for 5 minutes (until soft and slightly caramelised)
Step 2
Cut the potatoes the same way you cut the leek and cook them in the same pan once the leek has been removed with 1tbsp butter, salt and pepper until starting to brown (5 minutes)
Step 3
In a bowl add milk, eggs, salt, pepper and mix well until no egg bits remain
Step 4
Take your quiche base and spread the leek, potatoes and crumble the vegan sausage. Add your custard on top and cook at 200C for 35/40 minutes (check that you're not burning it halfway). Rest until almost completely cool before cutting and serving
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