Loaded Chicken Kebab Ciabatta
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“Feast upon this crispy ciabatta, filled with vegan chicken”
— Ben’s Vegan Kitchen


Serves 1


Step 1

Start by slicing an onion and pouring over 3tbsp of vinegar, 1tbsp of sugar and 1tbsp salt. Set aside until the onions are slightly pickled.

Step 2

For the chilli sauce, grate 2 tomatoes, add half a diced onion, chop one chilli and add chopped parsley before mixing in salt and olive oil.

Step 3

For the yoghurt dressing, add chopped mint and parsley to vegan yoghurt with lemon, crushed garlic and salt.

Step 4

Fry off the Vivera kebab pieces until crispy.

Step 5

Add to your tiger roll with the chilli sauce, pickled onions, store bought pickled red cabbage, the yoghurt dressing and some green pickled chillies to finish.
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