Low Calorie Chicken Tacos
“Healthy, low calorie mexican staple! Enjoy at just 192 calories per taco.”
— Jalal Sameja


Serves 4


Step 1

Start by slicing your onions and bell peppers. Mince your garlic and set it all aside. Slice your chicken breasts in half and place them into an oven dish, ready to season

Step 2

Season with a tbsp of the following: garlic granules, paprika, onion powder and mixed herbs. Add a tsp of chilli flakes as well as a good pinch of salt and pepper, mix well

Step 3

In a separate bowl, mix together your onion and pepper. Then, season with a smaller amount of everything you seasoned the chicken with. Set aside

Step 4

Then, add spray oil into a large frying pan and add your chicken breast halves. Cook through on each side, and remove from the pan

Step 5

Shred the chicken up with a fork and set aside

Step 6

Next, add some more spray oil to the pan and keep the heat on medium. Add in the vegetables and garlic. Sautee until soft. Add your can of chopped tomatoes followed by the can a quarter full of water. Mix well

Step 7

Re-add the chicken and combine, mix well

Step 8

Dip the tortillas into the mix on one side. Then fry on a low heat, dipped side down. Add a couple of tbsp of mixture to the tortilla and follow with some mozzarella. Fold over and flip to cook the other side. Serve and enjoy!
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