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McDonalds McSpicy Burger
Total time
25 min
$ $ $


This McSpicy burger has 50g of Protein in it and only 400 calories! I’m going to be posting tasty recipes that you can work into your diet!


Serves 1


Step 1
Place the chicken breast into a ziploc bag and pound it to flatten
Step 2
Add the egg white to one container and the panko to another. Mix the salt, pepper, garlic granules, paprika, Cajun seasoning and chilli powder into the breadcrumbs, then dip the chicken into the egg white and then into the breadcrumbs
Step 3
Place the chicken in an air fryer with a few sprays of cooking spray for about 15-20 minutes at 200ºC
Step 4
Slice and toast the burger bun in a dry pan, shred the lettuce, then assemble the burger by spreading mayonnaise on both sides of the bun, place the chicken on the bottom, top with lettuce and the top bun, serve and enjoy!
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