“Traditional American meatloaf recipe with all the hints and tricks”
— Turtle Creek Foodie


Serves 5


Step 1

Using a sharp knife, deseed and chop your jalapeños, white onion and bell pepper. Additionally, finely chop your celery.

Step 2

Next, get some olive oil into a pan and add the veg you just chopped as well as your minced garlic. Whilst that is cooking, season with salt ad pepper. Careful not to over salt.

Step 3

Once cooked, transfer into a large mixing bowl and empty in your ground sirloin, crack in two eggs, stove top seasoning and northwoods seasoning.

Step 4

Using your hands, mix together the mixture and combine all the ingredients well. Add a splash of worcestershire sauce and leave covered in a fridge for a few hours.

Step 5

Once refrigerated, pop into an oven proof dish and form into a loaf shape.

Step 6

For the sauce, add in light brown sugar, sriracha, A1 sauce, mustard, chick-fil-a sauce and ketchup. Mix together well and pour all over your meatloaf, ensuring that it is all covered. Then bake your meatloaf for one hour and fifty minutes at 350F. Garnish with parsley, plate, slice and serve!
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