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Pasta Pomodoro Carbonara
Total time
25 min
$ $ $


A bit of a weird one, combining two of the most classic pastas out there, tomato sauce pasta (pasta al pomodoro) and pasta carbonara to get this creamy tomatoey goodness


Serves 2


Step 1
Start by cooking the tomato sauce in an oiled pan with the basil and salt and pepper. Let it simmer at medium heat for about 15 minutes. While the sauce cooks, drop your spaghetti in boiling salted water and cook them according to the package instructions. Save some cooking water in a cup
Step 2
Crack open 3 eggs and save the yolks. Add pepper to the yolks as well as the parmesan and mix well to combine
Step 3
Once the pasta is cooked, drain it and move it to the pan. Turn off the heat and mix the pasta and the sauce together
Step 4
Give it 2 minutes (for the pan to cool down slightly) and add the egg mixture (if the pan is too hot you risk your eggs turning into scramble instead of a cream) and mix well. Buon appetito!
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