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Pasta Salad
Total time
20 min
$ $ $


Really easy instant pasta salad that keeps during the week and just gets better and better when left to marinade!


Serves 4


Step 1
Start by cooking your pasta. Follow packet instructions, then drain and add into a large mixing bowl
Step 2
Next, dice your red pepper and add it to the pasta along with torn salami slices. Next, add in your mozzarella balls (but keep the oil they’re marinated in) and black olives and toss together
Step 3
For the dressing fill 3/4 cup with the mozzarella marinade liquid and top up with olive oil if needed, pour into a jar with a lid. Next add in the red wine vinaigrette, garlic powder, lemon pepper, lime juice and parmesan. Place on the lid and shake to incorporate then drizzle onto the salad and mix up according to your taste
Step 4
Leave in the fridge, the longer it is left the better!
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