1h 25m
A challenge
“A fun starter or side!”
— Laura


Serves 2


Step 1

Start by pouring 70ml oil into a ramekin and cutting the top of the garlic bulb off. Place the bulb into the oil and then set to roast for one hour at 180C. Next, move onto seasoning your prawns with paprika, chilli flakes, garlic powder and salt and pepper

Step 2

Next, set some oil to heat up for deep frying your prawns and move onto making your batter and coating station. Whiz together popcorn, chilli powder and black pepper until a chunky crumb is formed. Then prepare your batter which is a mix of cornflour, plain flour, cajun seasoning and a drop of water. Mix together well and set out next to the crumb coat. Finally, prepare a third bowl of plain cornflour

Step 3

So, firstly coat your prawns in the plain cornflour, then the batter mix, and then the popcorn crumb. To get them extra crispy, double dip in the batter and then the popcorn. Then, deep fry in the hot oil from earlier for a few minutes on each side. Remove when golden brown and place onto a paper towel to drain excess oil

Step 4

To make your mayonnaise, separate three yolks and place them into a blender with a small amount of oil. Keep blending and add oil slowly until a mayonnaise consistency and colour is reached. Add in the roasted garlic from earlier, lots of fresh coriander and the juice from a lemon. Blend up and serve alongside your popcorn prawns, Enjoy!
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