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Salmon Pasta
Total time
30 min
$ $ $


This simple seafood dish is the perfect midweek meal that will never fail to bring you joy


Serves 2


Step 1
Prep by finely dicing the onion, chopping the parsley and spinach and mincing the garlic. Season the salmon with 1 pinch salt and lay salted side down in a frying pan with olive oil
Step 2
Season the top of the salmon with 1pinch salt and flip, top with lemon slices and cover the pan until the salmon is cooked through
Step 3
Remove the salmon and add the onion to the pan, fry until golden and then add the garlic
Step 4
Zest in the lemon and add the wine before mixing well
Step 5
Add in the cream
Step 6
On a plate, mash the salmon with a fork and add into the pan and mix
Step 7
Boil the pasta until cooked
Step 8
Season the sauce with 1 pinch salt and add in the pasta and chopped parsley and spinach, mix well and serve
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