“Delicious sticky sweet pork less than 500 calories”
— Tasty Healthy Recipes


Serves 2


Step 1

Heat 1tsp of canola oil in a large pan and then add the pork mince. Break that apart with the spatula and season with salt and pepper. Fry for a few minutes to brown and then set aside on a plate for later

Step 2

Add the remaining 1tsp of canola oil into the pan and then add in the roughly chopped brown onion followed by the roughly chopped bell pepper and fry for around 5 mins to soften

Step 3

In the mean time, make the sauce by combining the dark soy sauce, rice vinegar, honey, dried chilli flakes and MSG

Step 4

Then add the diced garlic and diced ginger into the pan and stir and fry for a further 2 mins

Step 5

Add the mince back into the pan followed by the sauce you just made. Simmer on medium heat for a few mins to thicken the sauce and then serve into two portions on top of a bed of cooked rice and garnish with some sesame seeds
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