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Diana Mengyan


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Ingredients (9)

Serves 4

250g raw salmon

250g raw tuna 

5 sheets seaweed

1/2 avocado

2 cups sushi rice

1tsp salt

1tsp sugar

2tsp rice wine vinegar

Japanese mayonnaise (to taste)


Step 1

Cook sushi rice in a rice cooker

Step 2

In a large bowl, add salt, sugar and 1tsp rice vinegar, and the cooked rice and mix well, cover with a dry towel set aside until cool

Step 3

Slice the skin off of the salmon and fry in a dry pan until crispy

Step 4

Chop the salmon and avocado into strips for the sushi rolls

Step 5

Mix water and 1tsp rice vinegar in a bowl, wet your hand with the mix to stop the rice from sticking and take some rice out of the bowl, place on the seaweed, then salmon/tuna, avocado and mayonnaise, roll up, and use some of the rice vinegar mix to stick the edge of the sushi down

Step 6

Chop into bite size pieces, serve and enjoy with the remaining fish as sashimi

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