Thai Green Curry
“Have you mastered this staple yet? If not now, when?”
— Simon


Serves 2


Step 1

Start by mixing flour and water together in a small pot.

Step 2

Next, chop up your chicken into bitesize chunks.

Step 3

Afterward, loosely chop up some coriander.

Step 4

In a pan on a low-medium heat, add in your thai curry paste. Then go in with your coconut milk and continuously stir. Once its combined, get your flour mix in and stir.

Step 5

Next, get your chicken into the pan. Turn your heat up slightly and bring it up to a simmer. Add in light brown sugar, squeeze in the juice from half a lime and then grate the zest in too.

Step 6

Now, add in fish sauce along with your mangetout and baby corn. Cook for around five minutes until both the corn and chicken is cooked.

Step 7

Top with fresh red chilli, coriander and your crispy onions. Serve with sticky rice and voila!
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