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Trinidadian Spring Roll
Total time
90 min
$ $ $


This is a Trinidadian 🇹🇹 take on the popular Chinese dish called spring roll.


Serves 10


Step 1
To a bowl add the flour, salt & water. Form the dough & rest for 15 minutes. Split dough into 10 dough balls. Roll each ball into a disc shape then brush the top with oil & sprinkle it with some flour, continue placing the discs on top of each other until you have a stack of 5. Roll out the stack into a large disc and cook on a tawa or cast iron on medium heat
Step 2
Let it cool then using your fingers carefully separate the wrappers. Boil the chicken breast and strip it into smaller pieces. To a pot add minced cabbage, onion & carrot. Sautee until soft then add the chicken, 1 1/2 tbsp oyster sauce, 1tsp soy sauce & corn starch. Cook for an additional 3 minutes. In a bowl add 3 1/2tbsp soy sauce, garlic, sugar, pinch of cayenne powder, oyster sauce, pinch of ginger powder, sesame oil. Add slowly to your chow mein noodles (making sure that the noodles is not overly wet from the sauce, just coated to prevent the wrappers from becoming soggy and breaking)
Step 3
Taking a wrapper place some of your chicken and veggies along with noodles inside and then fold the wrapper & seal with water (fold the side & roll the wrappers close). Heat your oil & place your spring rolls into it until golden brown on both sides (place the side with the opening into the oil first to prevent it from opening while frying). Let cool and enjoy with ketchup or any sauce you want
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