Tuna Salad, but Fine Dining
“Fancy tuna salad”
— Parker Hallberg


Serves 1


Step 1

Season the tuna with salt and let it sit in the fridge for at least 2 hours. Heat up oil and add thyme and garlic. Add the tuna and confit in the oven at 245F until tender

Step 2

Remove the tuna from the oil and break into large pieces. Bake the potatoes in oil at 350F then peel and break into pieces

Step 3

To make the sauce combine an egg yolk, lemon juice, salt, pepper and water. Mix in the oil, 1/2 chopped celery, chopped shallot and chopped cornichons

Step 4

Peel 1 celery and slice thinly. Thinly slice a baguette and brush with oil. Bake at 300F

Step 5

Sweat a shallot in 3tbsp of butter. Add chopped lettuce, salt and white wine. Cook till dry

Step 6

Blend the lettuce with 1tbsp butter and a pinch of xanthan gum. Pass through a sieve. Mix the tuna and potatoes with the sauce then serve with the lettuce sauce, crisp bread and caviar
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