Vegan Kidney Bean Burger
“Simple, delicious and vegan- if you're looking for a plant-based Friday night treat, this burger is the one”
— Jordan Billham


Serves 2


Step 1

Mash the kidney beans with a fork and mix in a bowl with the panko. Finely mince the garlic and add to the bowl along with salt, the leaves from the thyme and a little of the liquid from the kidney beans to make a dough like mixture

Step 2

Finely slice the onion and coat in flour. Slice the portobello mushroom into thin strips and fry until browned with soy sauce and liquid smoke. Slice rings out of the pineapple if not using tinned

Step 3

Heat enough vegetable oil to shallow fry in a pan until very hot and carefully add the onion slices. Fry until brown and crispy

Step 4

Shape the kidney bean mixture into burger patties. Add oil to a frying pan and fry the burger until browned on both sides. Fry the pineapple until browned and caramelised, then toast the brioche, top with ketchup, lettuce, tomato, the burger patty, the mushrooms, pineapple and crispy onions. Place the top bun on top, serve and enjoy!
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