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Watermelon Refresher
Total time
15 min
$ $ $


Enjoy these hot days even more with a watermelon refresher, simple to make with a few ingredients!


Serves 2


Step 1
If you have a nutri-bullet or food processor, use for this recipe. If not, placing all of the ingredients into a zip-loc bag and bashing together works too!
Step 2
Start by cutting your watermelon up. Place four large slices into a food processor.
Step 3
Peel your ginger and slice up, place into the blender with the juice of one whole lime. Add a dash of salt and water and then blend together
Step 4
Cut your lemon into slices. Fill your glasses with ice. Place your slices of lemon around the glass
Step 5
Pour your watermelon refresher into your glasses and use a straw to enjoy your summery drink!
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